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1. Choose the right venue for a fitness club

1. The location of fitness club should have obvious regional features, namely, the area of 3-6km around the clubhouse is its main customer service area.The location of the club is generally divided into commercial area, office area and residential area, so as to deal with the surrounding crowd and income condition and so on.2 (1) the site area, site conditions of the construction of the club type according to their own want to choose the area of the site, often use an area of 800 ㎡ below for small fitness club, 800-1500 ㎡ for medium sized fitness center, more than 1500 ㎡ for large fitness center.(2) the height and distance of the space fitness club of the fitness club are the key to the fitness club.The fitness club should be focused on the open space, the layer is above 3m to ensure good visual sense and training space.The size of column spacing affects the use effect of calisthenics hall, and the distance between 8m is more common.(3) the design of the fitness club is under the cooperation of professional designers to understand the parameters of relevant aspects to determine whether the site conditions are suitable for the establishment of a fitness club, which is an indispensable process.


2. The design and decoration of the fitness club can be divided into:

1. Front desk: visitors' registration, ticketing and changing hands.2. Rest area: reading and merchandise sales.3. Aerobics hall: according to the general area of the club and the teaching strength of one or more jumping hall, the internal equipment should be equipped with independent audio, mat, pedal and other equipment.4. Equipment area: barbell, dumbbell, treadmill, etc.5. Dressing area: more wardrobe, shower area, toilet.


It is very important to purchase fitness equipment of fitness club. The choice of equipment should pay attention to the following points.Do not buy brand too good equipment, what is important is the quality of the appliance.The stand or fall of equipment is its training effect and its use life, according to their actual situation to choose the appropriate club fitness equipment, can ask an experienced professional coaches to help them to identify the quality of equipment.


4. The staff includes the venue manager, coach, sales staff, front desk, financial personnel, administrative personnel and operation personnel.5. The orderly management of the fitness club will not only make the management work more clear, but also help the fitness club

Long-term stable development, should choose a quality system management software.Before choosing software, managers should be aware of some common headache for managers in the management problems: (1) the front desk staff into the hacker, secretly loss (2) the registry office job content and trival, workload is big, take up too much of human resources;(3) peak exercise when congestion phenomenon arising from the customer to choose more wardrobe (4) some personal training lesson to professor black, damage the interests of the club (5) some of the individual to take up the gym equipment resources, some of them showed waste wash water.(6) the manager feels confused about the overall operation of the club, and cannot clearly understand the work situation of each employee in each session.Chaos (7) member management system to solve the above problems, the club should have a good management system to an orderly in each link strict control, I recommend a named "tripod worked fitness club management software" software system, the fitness center is equipped with the software system, can realize "all-in-one-card" management model, users need only dealt with a membership card, you can in the fitness club unobstructed to exercise, and need a credit card in all types of fitness equipment to take electricity, can save unnecessary spending, make fitness club management more convenient, more clear accounts, and can greatly save the fitness center of human resources, so as to save money."Ding work fitness management system" includes intelligent front desk management system, the paperless office membership marketing system, OA management system, electronic control management system and all-in-one reservation management system, from all areas of the club management, fundamentally improve the service level of the gym and personalized service capacity, optimize the management process of the gym, improve work efficiency, save unnecessary human, ultimately save fitness club.

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