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First of all, the hotel gym should be equipped with proper fitness equipment according to the size of the area. In general, aerobic and strength fitness equipment should be equipped with a balance of quantity.In terms of the proportion of the various classes equipment configuration, we in the case of a 100 - square - meter gym, aerobic equipment should configure the treadmill four or so, the elliptical machine running around 2, 2 on a stationary bike, steps 1 department, power equipment configuration should be 3-5 department of single chip station machine, and 4-6 PCS free power equipment.In this case, the single-station single-station machine should be the first choice of dual-function equipment with small area and function, so as to provide the guests with as many exercise options as possible in the limited space.Once popular, large multi-station machines gradually fade out of the hotel gym due to the large size and user interaction.

The equipment should pay attention to aerobic, power equipment partition.The left right distance of the cardio equipment should be more than 40 cm, so the trainer can help the trainer to guide the use of the equipment.The rear part of the treadmill should be at least 120 cm away from other equipment.The aerobic equipment should be placed in the window as far as possible, and set the TV set to make up for the drying of the exercise.The power equipment area should be placed in the mirror for the guest to master the correct posture while exercising.

In addition to fitness equipment, the gym should also be equipped with some basic measuring instruments, such as body weight and fat analyzer.Now popular a kind of instrument is has good cost performance of omron body composition analyzer, in addition to measuring body weight, and can quickly and easily within in a few seconds of different parts of the body and limbs fat, can make the guest clearly know the actual shape of the body Conditions, for specific training.

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